« My Luxuries », the Lifestyle Interview of Silvio De Vecchi

Which is your Favourite City ?
Venice and San Sebastian
Which is your Favourite Hotel ?
My small house on the mountains
What is your Favourite Artist or piece of art?
Klimt, above all The Kiss
Which book do you like to offer ?
Under the frog, written by Tibor Fischer, a not known book, but I consider it wonderful
An iconic piece of design you love?
The Arco lamp, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Designers/architects who inspire you ?
I’m not an architect nor a designer, but I admire their ability to create the unexpected
What is your personal luxury ?
Free time to spend with my family and my friends and a great bottle of Burgundy
Your favorite object/dress/piece at Musk and Amber Gallery ?
Excluding the T8 candlestick that we produced and I consider gorgeous, I would say the dresses by Rabih Kayrouz