My luxuries, the lifestyle Interview of Luca De Padova, CEO of De Padova

Which is your Favourite City ?
Lisbon but also many others
Which is your Favourite Hotel ?
L’Albereta (Erbusco/Franciacorta)
What is your Favourite Artist or piece of art?
Modern :Tancredi Parmeggiani
Which book do you like to offer ?
Essaies by Michel de Montaigne
An iconic piece of design you love?
Artichoke lamp by Poul Henningsen
Designers/architects who inspire you ?
Renzo Piano among the bigs
What is your personal luxury ?
A mansion (or more) in the middle of the nature(sea,wood,mountain)
Your favorite object/dress/piece at Musk and Amber Gallery ?
I don’t know. Maybe your selection about the books.