About Us



Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed was born in Tunis and raised over seas mainly in Saudi Arabia, where her father worked as an Ambassador.
After pursuing a postgraduate course in Law and International Relations between Geneva and Paris, Lamia has consistently operated in a cosmopolitan environment, open to and influenced by diverse cultures.
Acute contemporary art enthusiast, Lamia dreams of fruitful encounters between the East and the West. Acting as an art and design ambassador for the region, she has daringly taken on to curate and offer a stage for unpublished and unconventional pieces by designers from all over the world.



Located in Les Berges du Lac, Tunis, Musk and Amber Gallery is a place of connection, where design, art and fashion from around the world mingle and relate to one another, through prestigious international and local brands rigorously handpicked and narrated by founder Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed.
In this modern light-filled space, Lamia, keen traveler and Contemporary Art enthusiast, shares a few of the treasures she has found along the way. Each object is an actor in this sophisticated and trendy mise en scène which serves as an invitation into the personal and personalized world of M&A, transcending the shopping experience in favor of more meaningful and inspirational encounters for visitors.

Building bridges

M&A aspires to contribute to the furthering of culture whilst catering for an ever-curious and demanding clientele. Thus, by organizing special events such as temporary art exhibitions, book signings and various cultural happenings, the gallery aims to federate a community – people with a shared sense of what is beautiful, as well as contribute to the promotion of a Middle East-Meets-West lifestyle.

Telling stories

In this ever-changing loft-like space, M&A brings together designers and artists from
different parts of the world, as well as tailored pieces inspired by Tunisian heritage and designed by talented local artists and craftspeople. Precious fashion and home pieces spanning various genres are curated carefully so as to create a distinguished yet cozy ensemble.