Musk and Amber


"ART EXPO" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Alia Cherif Derouiche, Zied Lasram, Hind Megdiche, Walid Zouari, Amine Chaouali, Safa Attyaoui, Afifa Ben Yedder, Aziza Guermazi, Besma Haddaoui, Emna Gargouri Largueche, Faiza Karoui, Houda Tabka, Hammadi Ben Neya, Irane Ouanès, Houda Ajili Harbaoui, Hela Ammar, Mohamed Ben Dhia, Majed Zalila, Mourad Harbaoui, Mohamed Ben Soltane, Miriam Affes, Mona Djamal Siala, Mona Chouk, Nadia Zouari, Sonia Said and Olfa Moalla"


Exhibition date: January 14th, 2022


Musk And Amber Gallery is honored to host the Lions Club for its upcoming group show.


We wholeheartedly thank our talented artists for their generosity in taking part in this noble cause.


The Lion's Club of Tunis La Marsa has, since its inception, worked to provide the best answers to the most vulnerable populations.


We, the club members, have paid particular attention to projects related to youth and childhood.

In this context, the Club has begun the rehabilitation of the boarding school of Kasserine, due to insalubrity.


The Club joins the Musk and Amber Gallery, to be able to complete the rehabilitation work and allow the 250 young girls and boys of the governorate of KASSERINE to be housed in decent conditions, where their dignity and their chance to succeed will be preserved.


A chain of solidarity has already formed around this ambitious project, we are honored to have all these artists among us in this fundraising action and thus allow young people to flourish and have faith in a better future.