Musk and Amber


"BLOOM" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Becem Ben Othmen"


Exhibition date: October 21st, 2022


A walk in the center and around the visible that imagines a green invisible, a kind of road to another future.


A journey that revisits iconic works, and translates them into the language of the present.


It is also to create lines in the void to introduce an architecture which forms a bridge towards our dreams.


An architecture that takes its time to reveal itself in the drawings, then the collages and finally the oil paintings.


A flowering in technique and in symbol.


A slightly complex minimalist style that reveals a battle for light and fertile construction.


It is a trip that rests on a trinity; the body, nature and plastic.


See what we offer nature and what we do with it, an analysis of the alchemy that reveals our world and that the artist translates to implement the human condition in its movement and within its limits.


A race towards a metaphysical blossoming, the presence of man in his garden, restoring the balance between shadow and light.