Musk and Amber


"Contemplation" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery

by the Saudi photographic artist, Princess "Reem AL FAISAL".


Exhibition date: May 30th 2015


On the occasion of the 3rd edition of "JAOU جو تونس" in Tunis, organized by Kamel Lazaar Foundation, this exhibition of the Saudi photographic artist, Princess "Reem AL FAISAL", under the theme of "Contemplation".

“I like to define myself as a Muslim artist, from the culture and history of my native Saudi Arabia.


In my art, I seek to show the signs of the Divine in nature and in man.


For me, the light is one of the many manifestations of God that he launches on the path of our life to remind us of his constant presence in us and everywhere.


Each photograph is a pattern of light and shadow.


For me, photography is a way to praise the glory of God in the universe. "