Musk and Amber


"d’Âme" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed"


Exhibition date: September 25th, 2020


The new personal exhibition of Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed (Kassou)


The threads, dear to Kaouther, continue to be despite their spidery finesse, or because of it, a structure of strength and it is to a succession of visual discoveries that the work is judged.


It is first of all a form, often devoid of angles, but on the contrary lavishing, thanks to its roundness, what seems to be a shelter, and then multiple messages reveal themselves to us.


They are women, alone and attentive to their universe of flowers, sun and moon.


Black and white dominate but change quickly, because the light of invisible lamps comes to endiamentize the curves and change them into domes, and then Kaouther has fun to release a butterfly of color, this color which she does not disdain but to which she wants to give again its role:

To delight the glance and to recall nature, but also to animate a female conversation, to play on the transparency of fabrics and the beauty of gardens.

With a thread, which as she says herself could make a child play, she creates only "her" characters:

dreamy women, laborious women, languorous women, but also she animates all that, around us, is beautiful.


These women in turn bring to life what they touch, the muslins that drape them and the bed where they seem to sleep.


This reminds us that the thread transforms and changes...


In order not to get lost in the labyrinth of its choices, it will be necessary from now on to follow the thread of Kassou.