Musk and Amber


"Disjoncté" at the “Musk and Amber” Gallery


by "Jneïna Messaoudi"


Exhibition date:  April 13th, 2018


The new exhibition of Jneïna Messaoudi, "Disjoncté", or, "Disjunct".


Fascinating, colorful and exuberant, the works of Jneïna are populated with unusual characters, crazy, with the gaiety sometimes a little fake ...


Mocking glances, tense smiles, the characters are entangled and clinging to each other ... radiant but distraught ...


as if escaping from real life to find themselves finally released on the canvases or wooden totems, in a dreamlike world, bright and full of hope.


The painting of Jneïna is a real whirlwind of sensations and contradictory feelings, a multitude of small stories, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, as an escape full of humor to an often anxiety-provoking reality...

Born on December 01, 1983 in Tunis, Jneina Messaoudi is a visual artist.


She obtained her degree in plastic arts at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis in sculpture and photography.


Jneïna Messaoudi has explored art in many forms, before finding her favorite mode of expression in painting.


Mixing materials and textures, she paints most often on wood - because she finds it obedient, resistant and imposing at the same time - sensual, free, whimsical characters, in what seems to be a tireless quest for a possible self, other versions somehow lighter of what she could have been in another life less boring and less flat.


But behind the apparent insouciance of her painting, with its rich and slightly exuberant chromatic palette, there is an unspeakable depth.