Musk and Amber
Faces and Stories

Faces and Stories

"Faces and Stories'" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Walid Zouari"


Exhibition date: October 24th, 2019


Walid Zouari's new exhibition "Faces & Stories"


According to the inspiration of the moment, Walid Zouari varies the charge of emotion with which he endows these faces that he has not stopped producing after his abstract period.


Nevertheless, whether he treats them in precise graphics, or in touches of allusive lyricism, he always tells the story of a fascination.


Isolated on round canvas or ceramic supports, or gathered in swarming crowds in vast compositions, the faces tell of this eager return to a humanity that he portrays in impassive masks, in smiling or frowning faces, or even in comical caricatures...


We will probably never know the deep reasons for the recurrence of this typology, but we could see in it a happy reconciliation of the artist with a sensitive reality from which he draws, today, the essential of his inspiration, and from which he was, for a moment, distracted by the elegance of abstraction.


One would also see there, by metaphor, the isolation of a chagrined or amused conscience, according to the case, in front of the multitude, or still a pious and fraternal desire to recognize himself in the other...

Didn't the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa say: " So many singular faces... All faces are singular, and nothing gives as much the sense of the sacred as to look at a lot of people... "?