Musk and Amber

"Le Vol du Bourdon"

"Le Vol du Bourdon" at the “Musk and Amber” Gallery


by "Insaf Saada"


Exhibition date:  May 4th, 2018


The presentation of the first Table Art collection, "The Flight of the Bumblebee," signed by artist Insaf Saada.


This first collection is part of a series of collaborations between Musk and Amber and artists from all walks of life around the Art of the Table.


Designed in limited series, the collections embody the essence of the Art of Living according to Musk and Amber Gallery, between unbridled creativity and ultimate refinement.


These dinner services signed by Insaf Saada are a true gustatory and aesthetic journey.


Gustative because these containers transcend the taste, adorn it with beauty, establish a promise of delicacy and art of living.


Aesthetic because Insaf Saada is deeply artistic, of this vein of artists who know how to free themselves from their preferred supports to invest all the canvas of the creation.


On the aberrant space of the canvas, a simple ceramic tile or the generous hollow of a plate, the visual artist reproduces the same gesture, establishes a sublime approach, seeks the meaning, the beautiful, the muse that is in everything.