Musk and Amber

"Les reflets intemporels"

"Les reflets intemporels" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery




Exhibition date: March 18th, 2022


Democracy is a fight, Ukraine is a fight, Art is a fight, Woman is a fight...!


So many imperative reasons for the Musk & Amber gallery to offer the Ukrainian artist Iulia Nosar her space of Expression and Freedom.


Bound between Kiev and Paris, where she now resides, her Timeless Reflections form a poetic and penetrating journey, a magnificent and subtle kaleidoscope of the arts and eras that have inspired and crossed her.


Trained as a sculptor, she models and embodies the precious mix of European influences and confluences.


Where obscurantism threatens, she is the luminous face of Hope.


The one that the soul and the delicacy of her photographic paintings reveal to you.


Here the Arts and the Stories, the Roots and the Inspirations mingle and spring from her works.

We are waiting for you to discover this exclusive and for the first time unveiled exhibition.