Musk and Amber

"Les Voyageurs"

"Les Voyageurs" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Wadi Mhiri, Anissa Meddeb, Rachel Wolfe, Mudi Hachim, Mourad Fakhr Eldin, Nour Elglaly, Ahmed Louzir, Mohamed Ben Dhia, Sonia Ben Slimane, Safa Attyaoui, Férielle Doulain-Zouari, Yehia 0, Mohamed Salah, Joël Beauvois et Yaraoslava Belozor"


Exhbition date: December 10th, 2021


"Les Voyageurs" group exhibition, in partnership with Association Culturelle Illimitée.


Les Voyageurs 21 is an exhibition organized by the Association Culturelle ILLIMITE (A.C.I) based in France which supports the artistic scene of the Mediterranean basin.


It aims to be a witness of contemporary art in the Middle East and a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean.


A.C.I has chosen the theme of this exhibition - The journey - as well as foreign artists.

For the Tunisian artists, the association called on the visual artist, scenographer and curator Wadi Mhiri who wanted to highlight the young artistic scene of the country.

At a time when most Western countries are closing their borders to foreigners choosing a safe retreat, at a time when every day hundreds, even thousands of people are displaced or attempt at the risk of their lives a crossing to a better future real or illusory, 18 young artists have chosen to work on the theme of travel to travel the world and "inhabit", not as mere presences, but as guardians of spiritual and structural values.

For "to inhabit the world is to conceive oneself as belonging to a space larger than one's ethnic group, one's nation... it is to fully inhabit the histories and riches of the plural cultures of humanity," writes Felwine Sarr in his essay on relational politics, "Habiter le monde."


Now, to travel is above all to be in movement, to be in the world in the ontological sense as opposed to immobilism which is the path to absurdity; because the radiation of thought can only take place in a spiritual elevation brought about by mobility and by action.

The most beautiful journey is not the most exotic, the most distant, but the one that makes us happy to be alive. It doesn't matter what the destination is, as long as we "establish a powerful relationship with the world", says Emeric Fisset, founder of the Petite philosophie du voyage.

The works in this exhibition take us to the heart of an initiatory journey that takes place from several angles.

First, the preparation for travel with the Tunisian designer Anissa Meddeb who creates a collection of comfortable clothing for travel.

Borrowing lines from different cultures both African and Asian, she embroiders on his clothes of trajectories.

The video "The sun travels" by Rachel Wolfe and Mudi Hachim takes us on an anthropological journey through an ancestral ritual under the Iraqi sun, while Mourad Fakhr Eldin invites us to a mythological journey and Nour Elglaly to a dive into the heritage.

Look at them go by! They are the wild ones.

Traveling is also about reconnecting with the wonder of childhood.

Thus Wadi Mhiri pays tribute with his plane, which he had been dreaming of for several years, to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince, a spokesman for the universal evoking an imperishable humanism that transcends time and generations.


As for Ahmed Louzir, his illustrations are a journey into the candor and cruelty of childhood.


A poetic journey through the calligraphy of Mohamed Ben Dhia who frees Arabic letters from restrictive rules, offering them the power and fluidity of waves capable of dragging in their wake the ceramics of Sonia Ben Slimane; a spiritual journey with the painting and embroidery of Safa Attyaoui; walk in the imaginary landscapes of Férielle Doulain-Zouari; diving into the subconscious of Yehia O or inner journey with Mohamed Salah; cruise in the heart of marine ecology of Yaraoslava Belozor; exploration of the body with the dancer Joël Beauvois. ...the modalities and imaginaries linked to travel are infinite but the thirst for discovery remains insatiable.

So, let yourself be carried away and together let's raise the anchor to clear the world and dive "into the depths of the unknown to find something new".