Musk and Amber


"L'Inattendu'" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Lina Ben Ayed"


Exhibition date: June 12th, 2019


The exhibition of photographs by Lina Ben Ayed.


"Dance is an act of faith and an act of love. It is an individual or collective prayer, profane or sacred." - Serge Lifar.


In Barcelona, from the first glance, springs the certainty. El Yiyo was the personification of flamenco, this dance of extremely tense postures precisely linked to each other.


In the studio in Madrid, Lina captured him, froze his postures as a concentrated stylist, the gypsy who had become the incarnation of Spanish flamenco.

She captured him in snapshots that reveal the total abandonment of the dancer to his photographer and that one could believe painted by Soulages.


Dance, photography, there is also Sufism in the artistic universe of Lina Ben Ayed. Rana Gorgani appeared as the obvious synthesis: dervish, Sufi, Iranian and totally dedicated to her art.


She in turn let Lina capture her successive postures that show the magic of the body inhabited by Love and the elevation of the spirit.

El Yiyo and Rana Gorgani responded to the photographer's invitation by composing for her, each on their own, a solo filled with light.


In a space defined by the lighting, the dancers' bodies draw very graphic lines in the rhythm and in the space.


Lina had met them separately, in her heart.

She had recognized them as members of the same family.


Now, unexpectedly, El Yiyo and Rana Gorgani meet at the Musk and Amber Gallery.


Lina's project gives each of them the opportunity to share a unique moment with the public.
One would expect them to step out of their black and white images to come hand in hand to meet us in turn and take a bow.