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“Maisons d’hôtes & Hôtels de charme d’exception”

“Maisons d’hôtes & Hôtels de charme d’exception”

"Passions de Tunis '" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery

par "Mona Chouk"


Exhibition date: January 20th 2020


The new book "Tunisia, Guest Houses and Charming Hotels of Exception" published by Nexpresse.


This beautiful book is an ode to Tunisia, through its magnificent guest houses and charming hotels.
A real journey through the pages, from north to south of the country, which reveals, through these welcoming places, all the diversity of landscapes, know-how and architecture of Tunisia.


Entitled simply "Guest houses and charming hotels of exception, Tunisia", this new book offers to see a selection of guest houses and charming hotels that make the reputation and excellence of alternative tourism in Tunisia today.


From the northern plains to the desert gates, through the Medina of Kairouan, Tunisia is sublimated by its rich contrasts.

Written in French and translated into English, to open up to a wide audience, this 224-page book is published by Nexpresse Editions, a company founded by Ismail Ben Miled and Hassen Sfar.


The direction of the book and its preface are made by Khadija Djellouli Ben Ghachem, architect, editor in chief of the Gazelle magazine of Tunisair and Maisons de Tunisie and founder of ideomagazine.

The texts are written by Noémie Zyla Chiboub, journalist and translated by Raâfa Ayadi.


The photographs are by : Ashref Khmiri, Pol Guillard, Jérôme Spriet, Giaime Meloni, Mohamed Boussaada, Haroun Elloumi, Sami Frikha, Riadh Thabet Sabrina Belkhouja and Louis-Philippe Breydel.

The idea of this book came quite naturally for this team that has set itself the goal, for almost a decade, to enhance the most beautiful places of Tunisia, through the various media of the publishing house Nexpresse.

This project to bring together in a single book a selection of guest houses and hotels of charm of exception had become an evidence.
An evidence that became reality today.