Musk and Amber

"Mes Trois Z'"

"Mes Trois Z'" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Irane Ouanes"


Exhibition date: April 14th, 2019

The new exhibition of Irane Ouanes: "My Three Z's"


Iranie in three Z'!
"Mes z'ami-es, mes z'amours, mes z'emmerdes...", is thus this resounding cathartic cry of our artist, darting its echoes towards the heavens to zebra the immobile aplomb of the zenith, which we welcome today with the same zenitude and the same ardor.


Like an addictive appointment with time, we, z'ami-es of the fairy, watch, between the zist and the zest, the revelation of its ritual "Expo" to penetrate the parallel world of its z'amours sculpted and revived according to its impulsive breaths of the moment...


In the scrap metal, carelessly abandoned by wear or by breakage, our ironworker-magician puts on by instinct her armor of hell to go to the meeting of anonymous iron objects which, under the impulse of her alert and expert hands, will decide themselves of their future zephyrian metamorphosis...

Then, mirific characters, sculptural figures and bewitching objects will cross the iron to imbricate or clash in front of our strolling eyes, zooming in on the smallest details of their revived forms and their captivating colors, reflecting our own reincarnated beings without the z'emmerdes of our pourfendeurs-zélateurs who want to bring us back to the cemetery of the zombies!


Like Don Quixote, generous and unrepentant righter of wrongs, Irane, to our great delight, persists in his quest for magic and the fabulous to twist, shear and straighten the iron, despite this "Z'" of end of cycle, to take us to the end of the earth, to take us to the land of wonders, because obviously art would be more brilliant under the sun of Iranie...