Musk and Amber

"Ordres - Désordres"

"Ordres - Désordres" at the “Musk and Amber” Gallery


by "Nadia Zouari"


Exhibition date :  March 15th, 2018


The exhibition "ORDERS - DESORDERS" by Nadia Zouari.

At first glance, it might have seemed quite insignificant. A small piece of cardboard, existing only in relation to its playmates, it belonged until then to the reserved domain of well-behaved children and rainy days.


Nadia Zouari has chosen to make it the key material of her work, the revealer of a universe in perpetual movement, but also the symbolic image of life. The PUZZLE - exploded, scattered, reconstituted, interwoven, overlapped, multiplied, disaggregated, structured - tells the story of everyone's daily life, of love and friendship, of life and career plans, of future projects and reconstructions of the past.

If everything does not fit together, if the lost unity does not find coherence, then the explosion is inevitable.


It is this lost coherence that Nadia Zouari searches tirelessly.

By summoning the limbo of her past characters, by adopting in turn the seduction of flamboyant hearts, or the austere rigor of black and white, by trying the explosion of joyful colors, or by drowning in strange flows that tells stories of processions, secret ceremonies or sad exoduses.


To this puzzle, in turn gregarious or solitary, she offers various supports, testing its representativeness and its capacity of adaptation: on large spaces, or small formats, on vinyl, mortar, marble powder, sand, she glues, paints, tears, scrapes, coats, passes to the gold and silver leaf.... The wandering puzzle escapes all will, defies all logic, and decides to live its life "- Alya Hamza -

Nadia Zouari was born in France in Paris, she lives and works in Tunisia now.

Graduated from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion - ISG Paris - she has always been passionate about art, so she takes courses of Initiation to contemporary art at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, courses of sculpture and ceramics as well as drawing from live models.


In 2013, she was selected to participate in the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Besançon and the very first edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Arab Art of Tunis which took place in December 2013.

She has been invited to numerous artist residencies in France, Morocco and Tunisia.


Her work is presented at numerous exhibitions in Tunisia and abroad, including France, Spain, Morocco, Russia and China. She participated in the month of December 2014 and until March 2015 in the largest exhibition ever held on the theme "I AM WOMAN" invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples, Italy.


She also organized the International Autumn Salon (May 2014) and is appointed several times as curator of international exhibitions for various events such as those of the Association of Plastic Artists Without Borders at the National Center for Living Arts but also at the Museum of the City of Tunis and recently for the traveling exhibition Med'In Peace which brings together 32 artists from the Mediterranean Basin and which crosses several cities in France until 2018."