Musk and Amber

"Passions de Tunis "

"Passions de Tunis '" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Mona Chouk"


Exhibition date: January 31st, 2020


The new solo exhibition of Mona Chouk: "PASSIONS OF TUNIS".


Very young already, Mona Chouk had a passion for painting, an innate sense of color.

With an overflowing imagination, she leaves no one indifferent.


She has that little something that appeals to us, a radiant smile, an intrinsic goodness that we find in few people.


Her painting is like her, overflowing with vitality.


Very inspired by the school of Tunis, her universe is often a pretext to tell a story, through the faces of her friends, her family, her mother whom she adores, and invented characters who have accompanied her since childhood.

The childish gesture of coloring contrasts with the skill with which Mona has applied herself.

These are works in which one must immerse oneself to understand what she is telling:

love stories, engagements, jealousies or outings with friends.

It is her imaginary world, the one that transports her far from her daily life.


Through her paintings, it becomes in turn imaginary fantasies or humorous love affairs.

We have fun deciphering her tales inspired by her native Switzerland and Tunisian traditions.


Her double culture is addressed to a large audience, playful, happy, isn't her painting above all an exquisite and perpetual feast of the senses, in intoxication and freedom.


The forms are filled with bright colors, gilding, laid in flat areas.

Her graffiti, her writings, her paintings, his stencils invade the canvas to better absorb us.


And when the words, have nothing more to say, the painting takes over...