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Presentation of the Book of Ms. Leila Temime Blili

Presentation of the Book of Ms. Leila Temime Blili

"Presentation of the Book of Ms. Leila Temime Blili"

at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Leïla Temime Blili"


Exhibition date: February 1st, 2019


Leïla Temime Blili, Professor of modern and contemporary history at the University of Manouba, specialist in social history and the history of Ottoman Tunisia.
Has published numerous articles in journals and collective works, and three books:
  • History of families, marriages, repudiations and daily life in Tunis, SCRIPT editions 1999
  • Under the roof of the Empire, genesis of an Ottoman province in the Maghreb, 1535-1666, V1 SCRIPT editions
  • Under the roof of the Empire, From military power to the Monarchy, 1666-1922, V2 SCRIPT editions
The third volume on the harem is in press.
Volume 2, the subject of the presentation at the Musk and Amber Gallery, opens with the rather confused history of the 17th century, where endless wars opposed on the one hand the des, formidable representatives of the army of the janissaries wanting to impose a military authority which excludes the natives, on the model of the Regency of Algiers, and on the other, the beys, favorable to a "civil" monarchy well integrated in the country by the conclusion of matrimonial alliances with local families, tribal and urban, associated with the administration of affairs.


These wars ended with the victory of the beys and the establishment of the ephemeral dynasty of the mouradîtes, followed by that of the Houssaynîtes: did the latter, founded by a corghli, with a "Tunisian" mother and a "Turkish" father, embody a national power? This is the fundamental question that this book asks, adopting an approach that relies on a very precise restitution of events focusing on characters (historical actors) little known, while integrating the local history in a broader geographical framework, that of the Maghreb and the Ottoman Empire.