Musk and Amber


"RAW" at the "Musk and Amber" gallery


by "Hassene Jeljeli"


Exhibition Date: December 9, 2022



All the creations presented during this exhibition have one thing in common: A structuralist approach to which the designer, Hassene Jeljli, is very attached.


In wood, marble or steel, the object is laid bare; he is there, in front of us, we see his frame, his skeleton in its entirety, without embellishments and without camouflage: it is authentic, “raw”.


Thala, Gioa or Calacatta marble. Translucency and delicacy.
Nobility revived, refreshed, brought up to date.


Plywood, perforated steel sheet.
Everyday materials, invisible or depreciated.


From an ordinary, common material, Hassene Jeljli creates luxurious, refined luminous objects.


From the insignificant, from the ordinary, emerges the beautiful, the rare, the precious.


Feryel Saimanouli

"X2" Collection


“They are simple geometric shapes: the circle, the square and a composition mixing circle and square. Each model is made of three different materials: marble, for translucency, perforated sheet metal, for precision, and wood, for authenticity and warmth."


Hassene Jeljeli

"Iron lamps" Collection


Iron lamps is a reinterpretation of a classic lamppost imported and sold massively in Tunisia.


My goal was to make a monolithic lamp by assembling parts of the same material, which involved both manual and industrial work.


The idea behind the collection: to ennoble the perforated sheet steel, an infinitely recyclable material, precise and translucent, but depreciated in Tunisia.


From the first drawing, I developed a whole collection (composed of a floor lamp, a table lamp and a suspended lamp) by playing on the scale, the colors but also the dissociation of the basic forms.


In the Iron lamps, the light is diffused through several superimposed layers of perforated sheet metal, thus offering maximum visual comfort."


Hassene Jeljeli