Musk and Amber


"UMI'" at the "Musk and Amber" Gallery


by "Insaf Saâda"


Exhibition date: December 6th, 2019


Insaf Saâda's new exhibition: UMI ( sea in Japanese ).
" Umi : Sea of steel and paper
The wave rises, full of foam.

Just by looking at it we perceive the noise of the breaker, we feel the immense power of the water that faces us...


Yet on the crest, the white and immaculate foam seems so light, milky like cotton, fragile and as if suspended in time...


This great wave of Kanagawa painted by Hokusai is part of our collective imagination, it impresses and it sublimates.


Insaf Saâda finds in it the material for her sculptures and paintings and puts our senses to the test.


A magician of the elements, she has summoned metal and stone to take us on a journey between materials. Water becomes metal, settling on blocks of marble with singing names:
Portor Black with yellow veins, Aziza Black with geometric stripes, Verona Red, Guatemala Green...

The air passes through the steel cut-outs, caresses the curves of the waves which are posed, majestic, and spread out on the walls in golden volutes.


The marine world has invaded the space with the installations of Mondher Saâda made of delicate origami.


The meticulously crafted paper is folded in flattened, pressed, opened, or inverted, letting the light draw the reliefs, letting guess the gesture of the hand that gave birth to this carpet of seaweed, these corals, shells, fish and jellyfish.


From this immensity that is the sea, Insaf and Mondher have created a universe where the force is calmed, the movement fluid and harmony subtly colored. "


Text by "Elsa Despiney"