Musk and Amber


"Wabi-sabi" at the “Musk and Amber” Gallery


by "Anissa Meddeb"


Exhibition date:  March 30th, 2017


The presentation of Anissa Aida's WABI-SABI collection.


WABI-SABI is a capsule collection that marks the anniversary of the launch of designer Anissa Meddeb's brand ANISSA AIDA at Musk and Amber Gallery just two years ago.


This collection of six looks, which draws its inspiration from the dialogue of cultures, is in the continuity of the previous ones while bringing a new touch: calligraphic prints.


"I'm interested in the similarities between traditional garments from different backgrounds, particularly North African and Japanese: sarouels, djellabas and kimonos.


For this collection, the theme of calligraphy seduced me because of its universal character.

Indeed, almost all civilizations that practice writing have developed the art of calligraphy.


It is not so much what is written that interests me but rather the geometry, the beauty that is revealed through irregularity. This reminds me of the Japanese aesthetic principle of Wabi-Sabi, which describes beauty as "imperfect, non-permanent and incomplete".


Other characteristics of this movement, such as asymmetry, texture, simplicity and modesty, have also inspired my work," says Anissa Meddeb.


By blending ancestral elements with ultra-modern cuts, ANISSA AIDA breathes new life into old clothes through structured silhouettes, a minimalist and refined aesthetic and refined details.


The designer Anissa Meddeb addresses the woman who appreciates thoughtful design, originality and quality.

Urban, active, mobile, she is sensitive to the story told by the clothes she wears. She is open to other cultures, seeks authenticity and transparency."